Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 30th-February 3rd


Lunch:  Chef salad, bread sticks, peaches, veggie dipping bar, milk

Breakfast Tuesday:  Honey nut cheerios, peaches, milk


Lunch:  Chicken taco, black bean salad, taco salad bar, pears, milk


Lunch:  Cheese pizza, Birthday Cake, baby carrots, apple, salad bar, milk

Breakfast Thursday:  Belgian waffles, syrup, sausage pattie, orange, milk


Lunch:  Chicken Noodle soup, oatmeal roll, applesauce, salad bar, milk

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Girls BB against Philipsburg @home Today!

Come support our girls!!

Ski trip Friday

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 23rd-27th


Lunch:  Pork chop johns fritter, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad bar, apple, milk

Breakfast Tuesday:  Apple cinn. oatmeal, baked apple slices, milk


Lunch:  Super nachos, corn, taco salad bar, pineapple chunks, milk

Breakfast Wednesday:  Biscuits, gravy, mixed berries, milk


Lunch:  Pepperoni pizza, green beans, oranges, chocolate pudding, salad bar, milk

Breakfast Thursday:  Sausage rocket wrap, pears, milk


Lunch:  Chili, cornbread, salad bar, pears, milk

Breakfast Friday:  Harvest muffins, applesauce, milk


Lunch:  Rocket sub sandwich, mayonaise & mustard, potato chips, bananas, sandwich bar, chocolate milk

Snack stand  Today

Report Cards go home Tuesday

First Ski trip 2/3!!!

Box to turn Rocket Pride tickets now in Mr. Montoya's classroom!

Prizes include:  $1 towards snack stand, extra helping at lunch, free ice cream at 3-Mile store, $1 towards school store

Drawing every Friday

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Lunch:  Philly Cheese Steak, pickle spear, broccoli salad, apple, milk

Breakfast Tuesday:  Frosted mini wheats, apple slices, milk


Lunch:  Beef and bean burrito, corn, taco salad bar, orange, milk

Breakfast Wednesday:  Egg and cheese wrap, pears, milk


Lunch:  BBQ pork sandwich, pasta salad, peaches, milk

Breakfast Thursday:  Pancake pups, syrup, peaches, milk


Lunch:  Tomato soup, toasted cheese snadwich, salad bar, applesauce, milk

Breakfast Friday:  Cherry danish, orange, milk


Lunch:  Chicken nuggests, ketchup, potato smiles, grapes, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk

Snack Stand Today!

Girls basketball practice begins 1/23

Community Ski bus leaves Lone Rock each Saturday @ 7:30
For details check out the FB page or see 
Ms. Wilson or Ms. Jensen

Monday, January 9, 2017

Jan 9th-13th


Lunch:  Fajita chicken salad, bread sticks, ranch dressing, peaches, milk

Breakfast Wednesday:  Hard boiled egg, bagel, cream cheese, pears, milk


Lunch:  Fish Pattie sandwich, tartar sauce, broccoli normandy, peaches, salad bar, milk


Lunch: Bean and ham soup, bread sticks, salad bar, jello, apple, milk

Breakfast Friday:  Apple crumb cake, peaches, milk

Ski trip forms due this Friday

Snack Stand Wednesday and Friday

Ski Bus Runs Saturdays
Leaves Lone Rock @ 7:25

Girls Basketball Practice begins 1/23

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2nd-6th


Lunch:  Chicken drumsticks, corn, birthday cake, mixed fruit, milk

Breakfast Tuesday:  Cheerios, sugar packet, w/w toast, peaches, milk


Lunch: Beef taco, refried beans, apricots, taco salad bar, milk

Breakfast Wednesday:  Scrambled eggs w/cheese, toast, pears, milk

Student Council Today


Lunch:  Ham and Cheese Sandwich, mayo and mustard, potato chips, pears, salad bar, milk

Breakfast Thursday:  Belgian waffles, syrup, sausage pattie, orange, milk


Lunch:  Chicken and Rice soup, apple, salad bar, oatmeal rolls, milk

Breakfast Friday:  Sausage apple bagel, baked apple slices, milk


Lunch:  Hamburger on a bun, ketchup and mustard, pickle, french fries, orange, sandwich bar, chocolate milk

Snack stand Wednesday and Friday

Community Ski bus begins this Saturday!
COST Bus only: $5 Discounted tickets available: 12 and under: $23 13 and over: $28 (cash much preferred)
Bus Leaves Lone Rock at 7:25am
Check out our FACEBOOK Page for more information!!!

Please see Ms. Wilson or Ms. Jensen for Ski Bus forms!!!

School ski trip forms due January 13th