Sunday, March 26, 2017


Lunch:  Breaded beef pattie, potatoes au gratin, peas and carrots, peaches, salad bar, milk

Breakfast Tuesday:  Apple cinnamon oatmeal, baked apple, milk


Lunch:  Beef and Bean burrito, corn, apples, royal brownies, taco salad bar, milk

Breakfast Wednesday:  Egg and cheese wrap, apricots, milk


Lunch:  Chicken Fettucinni, broccoli, salad bar, pears, milk

Breakfast Thursday:  Belgium waffles, syrup, sausage pattie, orange, 


Lunch:  Turkey noodle soup, roll, baby carrots, orange, milk

Breakfast Friday:  Apple crumb cake, apple, milk


Lunch:  Rocket Sub sandwich, chips, grapes, sandwich bar, chocolate milk

Track Begins next week!!

Snack Stand Today

End of 3rd Quarter Today 

4th Quarter Begins Monday

Friday, March 17, 2017

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Lunch:  Shepherd's Pie, Bread Stick, salad bar, mixed fruit, milk

Breakfast Tuesday:  Frosted Mini Wheat, mixed fruit, milk


Lunch:  Chicken Tacos, black bean salad, taco salad bar, peaches, milk

Breakfast Wednesday:  Egg and Cheese muffin, orange, milk

Student Council today

Girls BB game @ home today against Stevi


Lunch:  Fish sandwich, cheddar cheese, tartar sauce, coleslaw, sandwich bar, bananas and strawberries, milk

Breakfeast Thursday:  Pancake pus, syrup, peaches, milk

Snack stand today


Lunch:  Tomato soup, soft pretzel, cheese sauce, salad bar, applesauce, milk

Breakfast Friday:  Cinnamon rolls, apple, milk

Girls Final BB game today against St. Joseph's

Quick Student Council Meeting today in
 Ms. Wilson's room

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Dance this Friday!!

Food, fun, dancing, contests

6-9 New Gym

Come Join us!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



Lunch:  Chicken and cheese burrito, pears, salad bar, spanish rice, milk

Breakfast Wednesday:  Egg Pattie, hashbrowns, toast, pears, milk

Student Council Today

Girls BB game @ Valley Christian


Lunch:Chicken Vegetable soup, wheat roll, salad bar, mixed fruit, milk

Breakfast Friday:  Lucky charms, oranges, milk

Girls BB game today  


Lunch:  Pasty's, brown gravy, peaches, broccoli, milk

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 3rd-7th


Lunch:  Chicken Drumsticks, wheat roll, potato salad, applesauce, salad bar, milk

Breakfast Tuesday:  Cheerios, sugar packet, whole wheat toast, peaches, milk


Lunch:  Tacos, refried beans, corn, peaches, taco salad bars, milk

Breakfast Wedensday:  Hard boiled egg, cinnamon, sugar toast, pears, milk

Student Council Today

Spring Concert Tonight 7:00pm


Lunch:  Lasagna, bread sticks, green eans, salad bar, fruit salad w/pudding, milk

Breakfast Thursday:  Pancakes, sausage pattie, syrup, orange, milk

Today is Hat Day!
Bring $1 and wear a hat 
proceeds go to improving our playground!!


Lunch:  Chicken and Rice soup, crackers, orange, salad bar, milk

Girls Basketball game Today
@ home vs Victor

Final Ski Trip Tomorrow!!!