Thursday, January 11, 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

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Lunch:  Corn Dog, Ketchup and mustard, pickle slices, french fries, orange, sandwich bar

Breakfast Monday:  Peach bread, apple, milk

Will be Monday and Thursday through the month of January!
Regional competition: Tuesday Feb. 6th in Missoula

 Family Movie night: Friday January 19th

 TURN IN your Discovery Ski/Snowboard permission forms and $!!!!  Due January 19.  First trip: Friday January, 26 (trip 2 = Feb. 2)!

 End of 2nd quarter = Wednesday January 24th

 MISSOULA CHILDREN'S THEATER is coming to LONE ROCK - auditions for ROBIN HOOD Mondy Feb. 4 - shows on Feb. 9 and 10

MONDAY January 29 - First day of Girls BASKETBALL!!!!

School Spelling Bee: Wednesday January 24th @ 9am

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