Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Lunch: Chicken and Rice Soup (Sorry about yesterday's lunch error.  I jumped forward a week!  Just so you know, NEXT Wednesday will be Pepperoni Pizza!)

Breakfast on Friday: Apple Crumb Cake


8th grade is finishing up as much as possible today.  They will test 2nd and 5th period.
Monday through Wednesday next week 6th and 7th grades will be testing.  You should expect 2 hour blocks of testing in the morning and at least another hour in the afternoon.  
* get good sleep!
* eat a decent breakfast
* for math - bring paper and pencil and use them!
* educated guesses are absolutely better than a shot in the dark.


fun facts

* Bus leaves at 7:45 sharp.  Be at school circa 7:30.
* We most likely won't make it back for the bus routes (95%).  Plan accordingly.
* PACK YOUR BAG smartly.  It is never a problem to have too many warm clothes.  Even if it doesn't rain, the ground will be wet in the morning.  I highly recommend a pair of extra socks.  

* BRING FOOD.  There is a concession stand - it sells mostly junk food.  You will be there ALL DAY.  You will need FOOD!
* Plan to compete in a Lone Rock themed shirt.  And shorts (does not need to be Lone Rock themed).  You should wear sweatpants on top of your shorts in between events.  
* Make sure to sign up/ pick events with Ms. Chanin TODAY!  If you don't get it done during the school day, see her at practice.
*  SO EXCITING!!! Remember, this is a starting point for the season.  You want to get your first set of times/distances so you can make goals!

April 26th 
GET yourself some sponsors!
The class that raises the most money will win a choice of:
donut/choice beverage party
root beer float party


Next track meet: Thursday 4/19
6th grade field trip: Friday 4/20
Awards Assembly: Monday 4/23 (1st period)
Hair Assembly: Thursday 4/26 (5th period)

Additional note: You were given 3rd quarter report cards last week.  PLEASE make sure to pass them on to your parents!  They want to see how you are doing!!!

ACTUAL footage of MS 100 hurdles

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